My people.....

It gives me great pleasure to spend time with you tonight. I appreciate how each of you allow me to move thru you. To be my servant means that you hear me, and are open to me. If I ask you to do something, I know that you can be counted on to move on my behalf.

I have a pretty good hold on some of you, while others it will take a little more effort. I want you to know that I'm willing to put forth the effort, but only if you are.

I cannot force myself on you, so that's why you need to be willing and open to my voice.

You see, I don't want servants, I want friends. To be my friend means there is a 2 way conversation. I speak to you, you speak to me and together we are unstoppable. I am spiritual, your are physical. It will take both us to transform this world.

I enjoy the way you react to my spirit and I can see others reacting to you. People are watching you. Your influence is greater than you think.

It is my desire that everyone could be with me for all of eternity, but that will only happen if you open up and let me work through you. Clear your hearts and minds of your preconceived notions and what you think you are to me. You really don't have any idea. You really don't have the capacity to truly understand who and what I am.

But if you will seek me, ponder me, turn yourselves completely over to me, I will give you all that I am.

I am powerful. I am all that you need. I am ready to bestow upon you the desires of you hearts and all you have to do is ask. Please... Just ask!

The things I have for you is beyond your imagination. Do you want it? But don't get greedy or high minded. This cannot be accomplished with me. And don't forget where it comes from. I expect you to tell others and I expect you to share with those less fortunate. You will glorify me and bring others to me because of your blessings.

When you leave this place tonight, I will be waiting for you right outside... I will be in your cars and I will be in your houses. Talk to me, I'm always listening. I never sleep. I will stand by your bed all night long.

The entire world belongs to me and I so desire to share it with you. Will you ask? Will you talk to me?

We know time is short and we have a lot of work to do. A lot of catching up, there are a lot of people to be reached. So let's get to work and let's get it done ok?

Sincerely.... always and forever.....

The devil.